School made media

“Delete Racism” by Jazz Fabian

- a Racism. No Way! student prize winner.

The Pocket Public School’s “Show-off”

for the Great Schools Showcase

Cobar High School presents:

‘A Day In My Life’


Many cultural exchange programs result in the production of digital media, including videos, artwork, and digital stories. School media productions often include students’ personal stories and reflections, such as experiences of adolescence and childhood, perspectives on local and global issues, and school community views.
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School videos

Cabramatta students - Online MediaThis section includes individual student, student group, and whole school videos.

Featured media production projects include:

  • 2011 Education Week “Great Schools Show-off”
  • “A day in my life” NSW schools film project
  • “We are all Australian” DVD project
  • “Friends Through Film” school exchange project


School art

This section includes both individual student artworks and also collaborative artworks produced in celebration of cultural diversity and/or as a result of an arts-based cultural exchange program among schools.

It includes current and past artworks featured in the NSW Department of Education and Communities’ Calendar for Cultural Diversity, as well as school artworks produced in recognition of Harmony Day.


School digi-stories

This section includes individual student, student group, and whole school digital stories. In both form and content each story reflects the uniqueness of the student(s) and school communities that produced it.